The Meaning Of Violet

Similar to some things in life, there are colors that are definitive and there are colors that are less so, whether it is because they are a combination of primary colors or because they are a specific shade of a preexisting color combination. Violet is seen like one of these “sub” colors although technically, violet is present in the visible light spectrum while purple, a very similar color, is simply a combination of the primary colors red and blue. In fact, violet vibrations are the highest in the visible spectrum. Furthermore, violet is seen in a different tone than purple is seen, putting it in a completely separate category altogether.

Nevertheless, the two colors share many similarities, both in appearance and in meaning. Let us take a look at this intriguing color and its implications.

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A Little of Red, A Little of Blue

Since violet has a similar appearance to purple, which is the combination of red and blue, both of these colors play a part in terms of the meaning of violet. Like red, violet contains a strong energy, and like blue, it exudes integrity and spirituality. Together, red and blue create the coming together of body and soul, and ultimately form a balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Humanitarian Violet


Above all, violet promotes sensitivity to our surroundings. This includes an unconditional, selfless, and compassionate attitude toward the environment.

Diamonds are rarely found with a primary violet color, but when they are, true excitement is seen on all the faces of those who view the stones.

1.03 carat Fancy Deep Gray Violet diamond

The Violet Effect

Violet is a magical color that can have an array of effects on its wearers. Stones containing the beautiful soft hue can awaken romantic and nostalgic feelings, calm the nerves, provide one with a sense of spirituality, and encourage creativity. It is a color often associated with femininity, youth, and luxury. 

While purple comes across as royal, regal, and magical in the wizardry and sorcery sense, violet projects a more subtle and delicate vibe. This translates into very romantic and feminine when displayed through a natural gemstone such as violet diamonds, jade, quartz, garnet, spinel, and amethyst. They are exquisite additions to any ensemble and present an ideal balance of physical energy and emotional energy without being too feminine.