About Natural Fancy Green Diamonds

What are Green Diamonds

A highly valued and greatly admired stone, 100% Natural Green Diamonds. The color is a direct symbol of nature and symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility.


 100% Natural Green Diamonds

The Color

Green color diamonds are among the rarest of the color diamond family. A pure green color diamond can be found with eight different color intensity grades, as shown in the image below;

 Green Diamond Color Scale

From left to right: Faint Green, Very Light Green, Light Green, Fancy Light Green, Fancy Green, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep


Green color diamonds can be found with single, pure color, but most often contain one or even two secondary hues. The various overtone colors of a green diamond found are Yellow, Yellowish, Blue, Bluish, Brown, Brownish, Grey, Grayish, Gray Yellowish, and Grayish Yellowish.


Below is a full breakdown of the green color scale.


The image above depicts images of green diamonds with different overtone colors in the various intensity grades. The green color scale is shown line by line from left to right:


First line: Fancy Light, Grayish Green Chameleon, Fancy Grayish Green Chameleon, Fancy Deep Gray, Yellowish Green Chameleon, Fancy Dark Gray Yellowish Green Chameleon, Fancy Light Grayish Yellowish Green, Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green

Second line: Fancy Gray Yellowish Green, Fancy Dark Gray Yellowish Green, Fancy Yellowish Green, Fancy Intense Yellowish Green, Fancy Vivid Yellowish Green, Fancy Deep Yellowish Green, Fancy Light Yellowish Green, Fancy Yellow Green

Third line: Fancy Intense Yellow Green, Fancy Vivid Yellow Green, Fancy Deep Yellow Green, Faint Green, Very Light Green, Light Green, Fancy Light Green, Fancy Green

Fourth line: Fancy Intense Green, Fancy Vivid Green, Fancy Deep Green, Fancy Gray Green, Fancy Grayish Green, Fancy Deep Grayish Green, Fancy Light Bluish Green, Fancy Bluish Green

Fifth line: Fancy Intense Bluish Green, Fancy Vivid Bluish Green, Fancy Deep Bluish Green, Fancy Light Blue Green, Fancy Blue Green, Fancy Intense Blue Green, Fancy Vivid Blue Green, Fancy Deep Blue Green


The green diamond has a very strong emotional correspondence with safety as it is the most restful color for the human eye. Green suggests both stability and endurance. However Aqua green is associated more with emotional healing and protection while Olive green is the traditional color of peace.


This is the reason why so many adore green color diamond jewelry in different types of pieces, such as earrings, rings, and pendants.


 A 0.37ct, Green Diamond, Heart-shaped PendantA 1.26ct, Pink and Green Diamond Pendant

1.00ct Green Diamond Ring1.01ct Green Diamond Ring

A few various pieces of Green Diamond Jewelry

Cause of the Color

The green color, which is caused by exposure to atomic radiation or radioactivity, is extremely unique. So much so, that it is actually somewhat difficult to determine whether a green diamond is natural or treated. Many polishers purposely leave what is referred to as a Natural along the girdle of the stone. The purpose of the Natural is so any diamond associations, such as the GIA, can identify the natural color of the stone and thereof award it a certified diamond certificate.

Famous Green Diamonds

The most famous green diamonds, which have managed to make quite a statement among the rare diamond collectors, are of different shades and colors.

"The approximately 41 carat Dresden Green diamond is the largest, and perhaps the finest, green diamond known to have a color of natural origin." (source: Kane, 1990). The Dresden Green is a 40.70 carat, pear shaped stone with a VS1 clarity grade. It was reported as one of the largest and finest natural green diamond ever discovered.

Having such a unique color combination, The Ocean Dream happens to be one of the rarest stones on earth. The diamond is a 5.51-carat, Fancy Deep Blue-Green, Shield-shaped diamond. It is actually the only natural diamond known with this color combination.

Another famous Green diamond to make the headlines is actually not strictly a Green color stone. The Chopard Chameleon, a 31.31ct Oval-cut diamond, appears green in bright light but looks yellow in darkness. This stone was actually one of the first stones reported by the GIA as a chameleon back in the late 1950s by a Mr. Peter Kaplan.