Billing Information

In order to make your purchase as easy as possible, GemLab NSDGR LLC (TIN 9703010802, PSRN 1207700108110) accepts a number of different payment methods. All payments can be made through a Bank Transfer or any Major Credit Card. Further information about the different payment methods available, can be found within the 'Checkout' of any product on the website.


Please read through the information below as the prices may vary depending on the payment method used.


Credit Card Payments

If a customer would prefer to make the payment using their credit card, this can conveniently be done through "...". The "..." payment solution is among the easiest new payment processors available. "..." is known to take your security very seriously. The system was developed in a way to receive your payments easily, without a hitch.



No credit checks or paperwork required (simply insert your credit card details)

Works with both Visa and MasterCard

The "..." payment solution can only be applied to a maximum of $35,000 on a single transaction. In the event that the amount due exceeds $35,000,GemLab NSDGR LLC. (TIN 9703010802, PSRN 1207700108110) representative will contact you within 24 business hours to issue a separate payment request for the remaining balance due.


Wire Transfer

Transferring funds from one bank account to another is considered one of the quickest and safest methods of payment, especially when dealing with large amounts. GemLab NSDGR LLC (TIN 9703010802, PSRN 1207700108110)  provides the bank details so that any customer may conveniently transfer funds directly from their bank account into GemLab NSDGR LLC (TIN 9703010802, PSRN 1207700108110) bank account. 

All prices displayed on are currently shown in the United States Currency Format. (US Format - $1,234,567.89 – One million, two hundred and thirty four thousand five hundred and sixty seven dollars, and eighty nine cents).


Secure Shopping

Whenever customers are asked to enter private information on the website, including their name, address, or credit card information, it will be handled using a secure server (SSL 128) protocol.

The encryption technology that GemLab NSDGR LLC (TIN 9703010802, PSRN 1207700108110) uses is the most advanced presently available. Customers who prefer not to order through the Internet can use the Pay by Phone option, and leave their contact details, or send us an email to and a representative will contact you.