Who Has The Blues? – A Look At The Fascinating Blue Hue

Who doesn’t appreciate some shade of blue or another? It’s the color of the sky, of the sea. It’s the color of life. There are so many shades of blue it seems like they should be considered their own colors. Dark blue, bright blue, sea blue, turquoise, light blue; the list goes on and on. Some of the most stunning and breathtaking stones on the planet appear in various blue hues. But what of these colors and these stones? What do they mean and who are they suitable for? Let us delve into the fascinating realm of blue, its myths, beliefs, and its benefits.



Blue Diamonds

The beauty of a pure blue diamond


The Meaning of Blue

From the deep blue of a sapphire to the electrifying hue of a fancy blue diamond, blues carry deep meaning. It is a cool color, a color that represents water. It is a color that spans the world, connects continents, which is why it can be associated with travel, and worldliness. It symbolizes loyalty, trust, wisdom, and strength. Blue is bold, sincere, and quiet. It says a lot without saying too much. Neutral but with a heavy splash of royal color, blue is responsible, reliable, and secure.


The Effect of Blue

Many believe that the blue color can have serious effects on one’s well being. This can come across as a soothing feeling, as a way of opening up communication, a way of providing peace and tranquility, and a way to widen your perspective.


Shades of Blue

The various shades of blue, such as those often found within blue sapphires, are associated with professionalism, knowledge, power, and integrity. Lighter shades can stand for healing, health, softness, understanding, and peace.


There is a reason that of all colors, blue is the one coined “royal.” There is something so regal and respectable about this primary color. Wearers of this color gemstone can feel the purity and confidence it exudes.


Leibish Sapphire Jewelry

 Sapphire Jewelry


Hence, it is no surprise that there is such a large demand for the finest gemstones in these colors. Take a look at our blue diamonds and blue sapphires, and let us know which ones you like best!