Rare Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are among some of the most extremely unique colors available. Though they are not as uncommon to find as a Red or Violet stone, they are generally only sought after by collectors or diamond enthusiasts. Green diamond are found in one pure color, as well as with up to three overtone hues. These hues include several colors ranging from Yellow, to Blue, to Brown, to Gray. These stones are 100% natural and are found in a number of different color intensity levels.


Different Intensities of Green Color Diamonds

Various Color Intesity Levels for Green Diamonds


The Origin of the Green Color

Most colored diamonds derive their colors from impurities and other elements. However, in the case of Green Diamonds the origin of color is very different from other colored stones. It is actually atomic radiation or radioactivity during the diamond’s formation that causes the beautiful green color.


Secondary Hues and Color Intensity

Green diamonds displaying a pure color are the most sought after as well as the most expensive among green diamonds. Having said that, there are diamonds that come in a wide range of secondary hue combinations, which are stunning and also quite valuable. These hues include Yellow, Yellowish, Green, Greenish, Blue, Bluish, Brown, Brownish, Grey, Greyish, Grey Yellowish, and Greyish Yellowish. In addition to the many color options, Green Diamonds are found in several intensities, which has a huge impact on the price of the diamond. The intensity levels for Green Diamonds are as follows: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep.



Many of the different color combinations and color intensity levels available with Green diamonds


Most Famous Green Diamonds 

The Dresden Green diamond, a 40.70-carat Green Diamond, is the world’s most famous and largest green diamond. The Dresden Green has a clarity grade of VS-1, which was received by the GIA in 1988.  One of the reasons the Dresden Diamond is so unique is the way the color is uniformly distributed throughout the stone. Believed to have originated in India in the 18th century, the Dresden Green is one of several famous Green Diamonds, which also include The Ocean Dream and The Chopard Chameleon.


Green diamonds are incredibly unique and should never be mistaken for other stones, as beautiful as they may be. There is nothing like the beauty of a diamond, and one that showcases an unusual green tone is even more unusual and special. Company has an impressive collection of Green Diamonds ranging in color, intensity level, size, and price.