Alexandrite, Pearl & Moonstone - June Birthstones

Although June has three birthstones, the Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite, it is the latter that is mostly recognized as June’s true birthstone.


Alexandrite replaced the pearl as birthstone when it was believed that alexandrite was more abundant than pearls.  Today that is no longer the case.  High quality alexandrite is extremely rare and highly sought after.  The greenish blue stone is known for its ability to change colors in incandescent light.  It changes from green to red or purple.  Alexandrite stones are generally up to 5-carats in weight. Larger stones are extremely hard to come by.  Since this month’s birthstone can be difficult to obtain, some consider some of the birthstone options such as pearls or moonstones, or the possibility of combining alexandrite with other gems when designing their jewelry.



Pearls are different from other gemstones including their fellow June birthstones in many ways.  For starters, pearls are found under water in the humble mollusk.  Found in several colors including white, off-white, pink, and black, pearls come in a range of sizes. A pearl is formed when an irritant such as a parasite or a fish makes its way into the flesh of an oyster, clam, or mussel, where nacre, a protective material is produced. Over time, layers and layers of this substance accumulate and a beautiful shiny pearl is formed.  Pearls are timeless, classic jewels that never go out of style. Every jewelry box should contain at least one piece of pearl jewelry whether it is a simple strand of pearls, pearl studs, or a pearl bracelet.  Tiny orange diamond side stones, make a wonderful combination for a traditional pair of pearl earrings.



Named for its resemblance to the glow of the moon, moonstone is a type of feldspar, which varies in color from clear, to bluish-white, to a peach color. Moonstone was once considered a sacred stone that would provide its wearer with a great sense of understanding and some even believed it could make them invisible. These special stones are found in mines in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Brazil, and the United States.  Since the stone comes in so many variations, there are many combination choices available.  If the stone is almost white or transparent, it could look good with pearls, or white diamonds.  The darker colored moonstones would also look lovely paired with pearls, white diamonds, and perhaps even colored diamonds.


Considered the actual birthstone of June, alexandrite can be found in an array of shades and makes a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Given the fact that the gemstone is so rare, it could be set with other stones such as diamonds, amethysts, or emeralds. Depending on its colors, appropriate side stones can be chosen. If it is a birthday present, a pendant necklace displaying an alexandrite stone surrounded by diamonds could be quite appropriate.  An alexandrite stone can also be used as the main or secondary stone for an engagement ring. The more the alexandrite gem changes colors, the more it is worth. Known as an emerald by day and ruby by night, alexandrite can be found in Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Madagascar, Brazil, and Burma.


Whether you opt for an alexandrite, as rare and as costly as it may be, or you go with the other June birthstone options, choosing a gift containing the recipient’s birthstone can be touching, and a gift that will be cherished forever.  However, after all said and done, the stone needs to be suitable for the person it is intended for. Pairing it with an appropriate jewel can capture the sentiment and be satisfactory all at once.