Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March.  The name of the stone is derived from “aqua,” the Roman word for water, and “mare,” which means sea. The combination of the two words results in “water of the sea” or “seawater.”  Indeed, the stone‘s color does resemble that of seawater. In ancient Rome, the aquamarine was believed to be sacred to the god of the sea, Neptune. As a result, early sailors wore aquamarine amulets, bearing an image representing Neptune, in order to keep them safe at sea. Because the March birthstone was associated so closely with the sea, it became a belief that the stone was more powerful when submerged in water. The water used to immerse the stone was used to heal illnesses related to the liver, stomach, and heart.


Part of the Beryl family, the aquamarine can vary in a blue-green color to a sky blue color. Gemstones containing the green tone are less desirable and are often treated with heat in order to remove the green coloring.  Most aquamarines are flawless, which is not the case for most other gemstones.  There is quite an abundance of aquamarine stones, which are found in Brazil, China, India, Africa, Australia, and the United States. Another gemstone belonging to the Beryl family is the emerald, which is a vibrantly colored stone.  The aquamarine is an extremely durable stone, making it ideal for jewelry. 

Aquamarine jewelry makes wonderful gifts, especially since the stone is seen as symbolizing safety and security.  Therefore, even if the recipient does not have a March birthday, Aquamarine gifts can be fitting because of what it symbolizes.  People have been known to give gifts featuring this stone as a gesture of rekindling love in a relationship.  It makes a wonderful token for any occasion, including an anniversary.

Though on the lower end in terms of price, aquamarine stones have a fresh and calming appearance, and when paired with diamonds can be absolutely magnificent.  A combination of blue and white diamonds to accent a center stone can be a wonderful idea for a ring, as well as a pendant.  There are individuals who use aquamarines as the primary stone for an engagement ring.  It is a more affordable option, and one can still boast smaller-sized diamonds on the sides.


With spring right around its corner, the blue aquamarine gem is a suitable stone for the month of March.  Attractive and affordable, there are many jewelry options available for the aquamarine stone, including those that can display some rare colored diamonds.


 Mix of Blue, Yellow, and Pink Diamonds Totaling 0.41 Carats

Mix of Blue, Yellow, and Pink Diamonds Totaling 0.41 Carats