Fancy Colored Diamond Unique Diamond Shapes

Fancy Colored Diamonds can be found in many different carat sizes, colors, and clarity grades. Still, as different as these stones might be from one another, they are most often sold in the same ten most common diamond shapes.


 Princess cut Radiant shape Cushion cut Oval shape Heart shape


Marquise shape 

 Pear shape Asscher cut


Emerald cut 


Round shape 


From time to time, unique diamond shapes can be found. However, because they are more difficult to sell, diamond cutters rarely select anything other than common shapes for their stones. A cutter may decide as a result of the shape of the diamond rough that a certain shape they have in mind would fit best. Again, it is a risky decision because the market for uniquely shaped colored stones is far smaller than the norm.

Some of the shapes seen are really interesting, very cute, and absolutely gorgeous. More often than not, a cutter will create a uniquely shaped diamond because of a specific request from the customer. None the less, there are uniquely shaped diamonds available, and interestingly enough they are often at a reduced cost because of their overall market value.

Below are some of the really interesting unique diamond shapes we at Leibish & Co. have come across.


 Modified Triangular Brilliant, Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow Modified Shield Step Cut, Fancy Grayish Yellowish Green Shield, Fancy Brownish Orangy YellowShield, Fancy Yellow Modified Shield Step Cut, Fancy Deep Brownish Yellow 

  Modified Triangular Brilliant

 Modified Shield Step Cut

Shield Cut

Shield Cut

Modified Shield Step Cut



 Shield, Fancy Yellowish Orange  Long Step Cut, Fancy Intense Pink  Rectangular Princess Cut, Fancy Deep BrownBriolette, Fancy Light Brownish Pink Rectangular Step Cut, Fancy Pink 

Shield Cut

Long Step Cut 

Rectangular Princess Cut 

Briolette Cut

Rectangular Step Cut 


 Novelty Step Cut, Fancy Gray Modified Hexagonal Step Cut, Fancy Dark Purple Brown Modified Pear Brilliant, Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish YellowRectangular Step Cut, Fancy Intense Yellow Orange Modified Lozenge Mixed Cut, Fancy Intense Yellow 

Novelty Step Cut

Modified Hexagonal Step Cut

Modified Pear Brilliant

Rectangular Step Cut 

Modified Lozenge Mixed Cut


 Modified Shield Brilliant, Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Star, Fancy Dark Orangy BrownShield, Fancy Black  Pentagon Step Cut, Fancy Deep Pinkish BrownKite Step Cut, Fancy Intense Pink 

 Modified Shield Brilliant


  Shield Cut 

  Pentagon Step Cut 

Kite Step Cut



 Modified Kite Step Cut, Fancy Vivid Yellow Orange Shield, Fancy Deep Orangy Brown Modified Octagonal Mixed Cut, Fancy Vivid Yellow OrangeLozenge, Fancy Vivid Yellow  Rhomboid Step Cut, Fancy Brownish Greenish Yellow
  Modified Kite Step Cut

Shield Cut

Modified Octagonal Mixed Cut 


Rhomboid Step Cut



 Calf Modified Shield Mixed Cut, Fancy Dark Yellow-BrownButterfly Modified Brilliant, Fancy Brown-Yellow Modified Pentagonal Step Cut, Fancy Deep Brown-Yellow Modified Shield Step Cut, Fancy Dark Gray-Yellowish Green 

Calf's Head Cut

Modified Shield Mixed Cut 

Butterfly Modified Brilliant

Modified Pentagonal Step Cut 

 Modified Shield Step Cut



Keystone Cut, Fancy Intense Brownish Orange Modified Shield Brilliant, Fancy Dark Greenish GrayRectangular Step Cut, Fancy Intense Pink  Modified Lozenge Step Cut, Fancy Green-BlueModified Kite Step Cut, Light Brown-Pink 

Keystone Cut

Modified Shield Brilliant 

Rectangular Step Cut

Modified Lozenge Step Cut 

 Modified Kite Step Cut


 Modified Kite Step Cut, Fancy Brown-Greenish Yellow Fancy Black, Dice Round Cornered Triangular Rose Cut, Fancy Gray-BlueTapered Baguettes, Fancy Orange Brown Trapeze Modified Brilliant, Fancy Intense Yellow 

Modified Kite Step Cut

Black Dice

Round Cornered Triangular Rose Cut 

Tapered Baguettes 

 Trapeze Modified Brilliant