Ruby Stone Meaning

The word “ruby” comes from the Latin word “ruber,” which means red. Rubies have always been favored by those in roles of power as well as by those in love and are therefore considered a gemstone that involves a lot of emotion. Some cultures even have a fable regarding the source of the stone. It was told that rubies grew on trees, starting out as white buds and then blossoming into ripe red rubies ready to be picked. Rubies are mentioned in the Bible and have been used and appreciated in some of the most ancient cultures. They have also been known to have many different mystical powers. Here are some of these myths, their origins, and their place in modern times.


Ruby and Emerald

Precious gemstones, the Ruby and Emerald

Physical Myths

It has long been believed that rubies possess specific abilities, including ones capable of improving one’s health. According to Ivan the Terrible from Russia, a ruby can help one’s memory, heart, and brain. In the thirteenth century, there was a medicine for curing liver problems that included powdered ruby. In later centuries, the 15th and 16th to be specific, the red stones were believed to neutralize poison. They were even believed at one point to provide one with youth and vitality when rubbed on one’s skin.


Emotional Myths

Rubies have forever been considered the stones of love, passion, energy, and power. It is for this reason that a ruby is considered the most emotionally powerful gemstone on the planet. This relates to the fiery aspect of the stone, given its color. The red color also symbolizes blood, which is why the ruby is believed to increase energy and vigor. Another emotional myth in regards to the ruby is that the wearer will have lots of courage and will go through life without fear.


A Red Ruby Ring

  A red ruby ring


Motivational Myths

There are theories that rubies are physically capable of improving one’s balance and even providing one with a passion for life in the most positive way possible. It is also believed that rubies can help individuals become more motivated and help them find the energy to set goals. They can promote dynamic leadership and make one sharper and more aware.

From a settler of disputes to being able to bring out passion and enthusiasm, rubies have a plethora of myths and beliefs regarding the meaning of the stone. As the birthstone of July and the gemstone commonly given on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries, rubies represent fire and passion, regardless of what you may or not believe about them and their abilities.