Trapiche Emeralds

The Trapiche Emerald is the rarest type of emerald. While there is plenty of information out there regarding emeralds, their various hues, places of origin, and possible inclusions; there is not much out there about this unusual variety of emerald. The name ‘Trapiche’ means ‘of sugar,’ and refers to the grinding wheel used to process sugarcane, as a result of its likeness to the piece of equipment. Unlike Star Rubies and Star Sapphires, which are known to display a star-like asterism form, the Trapiche Emerald owes its unique design to something that occurs during a beryl crystal’s growth. Impurities enter the emerald crystal junction, forming a pattern that resembles a star.

The Phenomenon

A unique phenomenon, which consists of various impurities and inclusions becoming trapped within the stone, creates a very unusual form, making such stones easily detectable. While a Trapiche Emerald is not your typical emerald, nor does it have many of the attributes that many people love about emeralds, it has its own individual charm. That coupled with its rarity makes this type of emerald highly sought after and valuable.


Trapiche Emerald Sources

It was once believed that Trapiche Emeralds could only be found in Colombia, namely the Muzo and Penas Blancas mines. However, beryl displaying a grayish-green coloring and the unique Trapiche indicator has been discovered in Madagascar. Specifically, a 13.74 carat Trapiche beryl was located there though there is not much additional information regarding the stone.


Enhanced and Treated Trapiche Emeralds

Emeralds rank 7 on the Moh’s scale of hardness, putting them at risk for getting chipped and cracked. The many inclusions that are widespread among emeralds also contribute to their fragility factor. That is why considerably flawless emeralds are extremely hard to come by, and even those that are considered great quality may have been treated in some way. The same goes for Trapiche Emeralds. If completely natural Trapiche Emeralds is something that is important to you, it is crucial to do the necessary research because often emeralds that have been minimally treated are marketed as 'natural.'

In general, emeralds are terrific stones to add to one's gem or jewelry collection. If you are in the market for something especially unique, a Trapiche Emerald could be just the thing. If you want to have a look at what the world of emerald jewelry has to offer, take a look at our amazing collection and let us know which pieces you like best!