Custom Engagement Ring Settings

Perhaps not as important a decision as selecting your perfect match, but important nonetheless is choosing your engagement ring. The process of finding your perfect engagement ring involves many subjective decisions but is ultimately determined by personal taste and your budget.

 Different setting styles and colors for engagement rings

Different setting styles and colors for engagement rings


One option is choosing from a catalogue or from a gallery of readmade rings. For many, not having to deal with phone calls back and forth and the ease of choosing the ring that connects with them and getting on with their day is necessary. Also, with the years of experience that our company has with jewelry design, they may have come up with something so unique that you wouldn’t have come up with on your own. There is a plethora of ready-made engagement rings available “off the shelf.” Jewelry catalogues can also be a great starting point for idea generation or even for finding something that does appeal to you. And of course,  since every colored diamond is unique, you might realize that your favorite stone is already set in its perfect engagement ring.


Champagne Diamond Engagement Rings

 Engagement Rings

Still, there are many that look upon the task of finding and creating an engagement ring as a once in a lifetime experience to be savored and enjoyed.  So, before you make your decision, take a moment to read this quick guide to how engagement rings are created to familiarize yourself with the process.

The first step is to find the perfect fancy color diamond as your center stone. Once the diamond is selected, the real work begins.


 Fancy Color Diamonds

Different Fancy Colored Diamonds

Something to keep in mind though when selecting the colored diamond on a smaller budget is the concept of “eye clean.” The fact is that your family and friends do not walk around with a magnification loupe to check the quality of your diamond. A diamond can be a fine, clean stone without possessing the highest clarity grade as there are many factors other than clarity that affect the appearance of a diamond. If the stone is clean to the eye but has a lower clarity grade, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing much with the appearance of the diamond.

In the case of a custom made ring, designing the ring exactly according to the customer’s specifications is of primary importance. The metal type and its color must be carefully considered so as to complement the true color of the diamond. Consequently, the our company design team is always at hand to suggest any modifications needed to maximize the outcome of the ring.

 State of the Art Rhino Jewelry Design - Before and After

Producing a 3D scan of the diamond in order to create a virtual model 


The diamond is then scanned to create a 3D virtual model of the stone. This accurately provides the dimensions, structure, and facet arrangement of the diamond, enabling the designers to accurately create proportional sections of the jewelry so that it is as aesthetically pleasing as possible once assembled.


 3D Diamond Scanner

Producing a 3D scan of the diamond in order to create a virtual model


State of the art software is used to create a virtual model of the jewelry. This model ensures accurate and proportionate design as well as optimal comfort. The completed virtual model is sent for printing and a 3D resin/wax model of the jewelry is generated in a 3D printer.



3D Print of the Models

A 3D model of the jewelry printed in a wax like material


The next stage involves casting of the model whereby the wax model is attached to a casting tree, where molds for each of the jewelry pieces are created. Each section of the jewelry is created separately so that every piece can be properly prepared prior to assembly.


Casting of the jewelry and different sections

Various sections of the jewelry prior to assembly and the before and affter  of the casted model and diamond ring 

A plaster mold is created around the wax tree through the casting, and the model is dried and the wax within is burnt out, leaving a negative mold of the jewelry. The molten gold or platinum is poured into the flask mold. When it cools, the plaster mold is stripped from around the gold or platinum and the tree remains with the various attached jewelry sections, which are removed and sent for assembly.


 Getting the many sections of jewelry ready for assembly

Getting the various sections of jewelry ready for assembly

The castings are cut from the tree and sorted and cleaned prior to being soldered together to create the finished mount, which is polished before setting the stones. If there are any side stones, theses holes are now drilled by the setter.


Casting Tree

The before and after of creating a casting tree for jewelry models

Each piece of jewelry is inscribed with the metal type indicating whether it is platinum or 18-karat gold. Of course, at each stage of manufacturing there are numerous quality assurance processes to guarantee the quality of your ring.

There is a lot of effort invested in creating the perfect jewelry designs, and Leibish & Co. feels that this investment is what separates them more than anything else from most other jewelry companies. So, whether you fall in love with a ready-made ring or choose to design your own, you can rest assure you will be getting a top quality product. Remember, what is most important is your satisfaction and your happiness - if it works for you, that is all that matters.