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Caring For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

The beautiful ring box your dreamy diamond engagement ring came in was perfect for displaying your ring during the proposal, but other than being an extra box lying around the house, it doesn’t have much use.


After all, you love your ring and always wear it!


While diamond rings are made for being showcased constantly, they also require certain care, which calls for a dry, safe place for it to rest when it isn’t being worn. Diamonds may be the toughest substance known to man, and gold, or platinum, are rather strong precious metals, but they can still be at risk of getting damaged if not looked after properly.


Even if the ring is damaged there is always a way to salvage your chipped diamonds, but still it is obviously better to maintain the beautiful jewelry you already have. Here is a quick guide of what to do and what not to do with your diamond ring.


Batel with a 5.01 carat Fancy Vivid Zimmy Yellow Diamond Ring

A  5.01 carat Fancy Vivid Zimmy Yellow Diamond Ring




Do wear your ring to work: Yes, it might slightly get in the way from time to time, but unless your workplace is a diamond ring risk factor, feel free to flaunt your stone to your colleagues, boss, or employees.


Do clean the diamond. Just like the big diamond company, De Beers, said, Diamonds are Forever! Only, once the facets are covered in dirt, grime, and gunk, the shine will not be as bright because the light simply isn't refracting as well. From time to time, you absolutely should clean the stone, and you might be surprised because it will shine just as bright as it did the first day you got it. The simplest way is to let is soak in warm soapy water for fifteen minutes or so and then carefully brush off the dirt with a soft bristled toothbrush.


Do wear your ring to sleep: Though no one will get to see your shiny diamonds while you are dozing, you will feel safe knowing that your valuable piece of jewelry is right there with you while you get some sleep. Unless you are very prone to swelling during the night, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your ring, even if you aren’t awake.


Fancy Grayish Greenish Yellow Emerald Diamond Ring

Engagement rings in color! A Fancy Grayish Greenish Yellow Emerald Diamond Ring


Do have your ring re-polished for time to time: Most engagement rings are made from either gold or platinum. The latter metal is beautiful and very sturdy, but lacks the shine that gold provides. On the other hand, unless the gold is yellow or rose gold, the ring will need to be re-polished every so often. This is because white gold is crafted from a combination of metals, including yellow gold, and then dipped into a coating called rhodium. Every so often, especially if worn while doing certain tasks even as simple as showering or washing dishes, the coating will fade and give off a yellowish tint. In order to restore that beautiful, pure shine, you should have it re-coated and polished.


Do have your diamond secured periodically: If set properly, you diamond should be as secure as can be. However, your ring can get banged up quite a bit, just through daily wear, and you would be surprised how easily a tight secure prong can be slightly loosened. Therefore, it is wise to make certain that the diamond is in tact and not loose, because it can fall out this way and there is nothing worse than looking at your hand only to see an empty setting.


Do respect your jewelry! Diamond or gemstone jewelry is always presented surrounding a happy occasion, so there is often sentimental value that your piece will hold. Also, these pieces usually not very cheap. Someone (whether you or your partner) spent money on this piece and it is therefore in your best interest to maintain its quality for as long as you possibly can.


Batel in a Fancy Yellow Oval Diamond Diamond Ring

The more traditional Fancy Yellow oval diamond engagement ring




Don’t be afraid to show it off: Though that little velvet box can come in handy when you are not wearing your ring, it should not become the almost permanent home of your ring. Your ring was made and given to you to be worn, so, wear it! Don’t be afraid, rings were designed to be worn on a daily basis and should get as much use as possible.


Don’t bathe, swim, clean, or shower with the ring: If you truly want to maximize the appearance of your ring and minimize the amounts of visits you make to the jeweler, don’t wear you ring during these tasks. Water can damage the luster of the metal as well as the diamond. Water contains many different chemicals such as chlorine, and can be especially damaging. Some chemicals used to clean, although they might work wonders on your diamond, can eventually damage the metal. Make use of your beloved velvet box, jewelry box, or invest in a ring stand kept in a convenient place, and store your ring there while you wash up.


Fancy Color Diamond Collage Designer Ring

Consider mixing up the color - A fancy color diamond collage designer ring


Don’t clean or use abrasive materials and chemicals while wearing the ring: Treat your ring like a queen, yeah – respect it! This means that even if you have to do mundane chores such as cleaning, painting, or disinfecting, you shouldn’t involve your ring. Let it rest safely on the side until it is out of harm’s way.


Don’t get rough while wearing the ring: Sports, hiking, and other rough activities can be a great deal of fun, and terrific exercise as well, but they are also the perfect opportunities for something bad to happen to your ring. Make sure to remove your ring prior to engaging in any of these activities in order to prevent it from getting hit, dropped, or caked in dirt. Even if damage does not occur right away, something serious can happen to the setting or the diamond after being exposed to rough handling so often.


Every ring is different, and therefore needs to be cared for differently. Rings with platinum settings have slightly different care requirements than those with gold settings. Diamonds that are set on prongs also demand more careful attention then bezel settings. Find out what is expected of you from the jeweler upon the purchase of your ring and make sure that you stick to the regimen as best as possible for the utmost results. After all, an engagement ring is not something you buy or receive every day.