Step 8: Polishing Diamonds And Engraving

Step 8:

Polishing and Engraving 
When the diamonds are set and the jewelry is ready, a final and thorough polish is carried out. While the diamond may scintillate the light reflected through its many facets, the metal itself must luster and shine as well.


Our company logo and the metal hall mark are engraved on each piece using a laser. For assaying purposes each piece of jewelry is inscribed with the metal type indicating whether it is Platinum or 18-karat gold.


Polishing the Cup

Polishing the Reflector of a Diamond Ring

 Polishing the Shank

Polishing the Shank of the Diamond Ring

 Steaming the Jewelry

Steaming the Jewelry After a Polishing

 Ensuring the Jewelry is Properly Polished

Checking the Polishing