About Fancy Diamond Jewelry

Why not add a splash of color with fancy colored diamond jewelry?


Our company offers fancy diamond jewelry made exclusively from natural fancy colored diamonds. All of the fancy colored diamonds you will see on this website are 100% natural, guaranteed.


All of the fancy diamonds used are hand selected by our in-house jewelry designer, Chavi Itzhakov. Colored diamond jewelry is not designed in the same way that even the finest jewelry piece is created for a white stone. Since the color is the most significant characteristic; everything including the metal type and its color needs to be carefully considered in order to compliment the true color of the diamond.


To add some colored sparkle to any finger, we invite you to review our collection of natural fancy colored diamond rings, including fancy pink diamond rings and fancy yellow diamond rings.

 Engagement Rings

Everyone remembers the pink and white fancy colored diamond ring Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez for their engagement. Why not surprise that special someone with a fancy yellow diamond ring?

Our collection of unique diamond rings set with fancy colored diamonds also includes canary diamond rings and blue diamond rings. With so many colored diamond rings to choose from, there has never been a better time to purchase one of our fancy diamond rings. 


In addition to our colored diamond rings, you will find a large selection of fancy colored diamond jewelry at Fancy Diamonds, including fancy diamond bracelets and fancy diamond necklaces.


And what is going to be fashionable in fancy diamonds and jewelry in the coming years? Fancy earrings and fancy ring sets with lots of fancy diamonds.


So join the fashion trendsetters and purchase fancy diamond earrings and diamond rings for sale at our company!